Posting and Sharing on Social Media

We use many different social media platforms for sharing photos of our students, whether it be a school event, a student who has just completed their first solo, a student who has earned a distinguished certificate for a written exam, or for a student who has completed/graduated a course.

All log in information regarding social media can be found on the “passwords” page located in the Google Drive.

Uploading Student Certificate Photos

For all student photos regarding first solos, distinguished awards, and graduation certificates, their photo is taken and then emailed to Immediately, we must email the copies directly to the student with a congratulations note and then upload the best photo to:

  • Facebook (Avel Flight School, USA
  • Google My Business
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

There is specific wording that is used depending on what the student has completed as well as tagging the school. The sections highlighted in yellow need to be edited appropriately. (please remove any “ “ as well). See the examples below:

Student First Solo:

Congratulations “Student Name” on completing your first Solo at Avel Flight School, USA— at Avel Flight School, USA.

Student Distinguished Award:

Congratulations “Student Name” on completing your FAA PAR Private Pilot written exam with Distinction! — at Avel Flight School, USA.

Student Graduation Certificates:

Congratulations! “Student Name” on completing your FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate at Avel Flight School. — at Avel Flight School, USA.

Congratulations “Student Name” on completing your FAA Private Pilot License Course with Avel Flight School, USA — at Avel Flight School, USA.

Anytime we post photos on social media, we try to incorporate the school name into the post, and we try to tag the student where applicable. Please be careful to make sure that you are tagging the correct student. If you are unsure, please ask the student for their tag information or ask that they tag themselves in the photo.

Uploading Event Photos

Occasionally, the school plays host to many events, seminars, etc. During these times, we try to take a good show of photos for the public. We also like to get photos from the students themselves so please ask them to send photos to our email. It is important to try and get a group photo when possible.

These photos are uploaded to an appropriately named album on Facebook. Each photo needs to have @AvelFlightSchoolUSA in the description.

Wording example:

The students pose for a group photo at the 2019 Oshkosh Airshow. Each year, Avel Flight School provides transportation for the students to visit the largest airshow of its kind in the world. It is a great experience for all those who love aviation. – at Avel Flight School.

Occasionally, there are some small events where photos may not need to be uploaded to Facebook, but can be shared on our Instagram feed. For example, students sometimes celebrate their birthdays at our school. Please try to take a handful of proper photos and most importantly, a group photo. These are only appropriate for Instagram but not Facebook. I will also take a few photos of students studying, working together, or flying and post them on Instagram, as it is important for the followers to see that the school is a great place to be. If you are not sure if the photo is appropriate, please do not hesitate to ask about it. Additionally, you can actually check out our Instagram page for reference ideas #AvelFlightSchoolUSA

Using Hashtags on Instagram

When sharing a photo on Instagram, it is important to use hashtags. This is necessary for viewers to find us. Depending on the photo, different hashtags can be used. Please make sure that they pertain to aviation or flight training. And ALWAYS remember the first 2 hashtags regardless of the photo should be #AvelflightschoolUSA and #AvelFlightSchool.

Example: A photo of Bob working on a plane

“Bob works hard to keep our aircraft in good working order. It is a very important aspect in aviation to keep each aircraft maintained so that it can operate safely and effectively. #avelflightschoolusa #avelflightschool #aviation #flightschool…etc.

Responding to Inbox Items/Comments on Social Media (Avel Flight School USA)

Occasionally, we get direct messages or comments on Facebook and Instagram. Please remember to log into Facebook and Instagram every day to answer any messages we get. Most of the time, they are from international people who are inquiring about a course.

If they do not have a question in their inquiry (i.e. they only say hi or hello) please respond with something along the lines of “Hello, how may I help you?” or “Good evening, how can I help you today”.

If they want to know more information about the courses we provide, please provide them with this information and ask for their full name, contact number, nationality, and email address so that we can send them the correct course details.

Photograph the Students

It is important to photograph the students in their learning environment and ask the instructors regularly to send you a few video clips of the student performing in the cockpit. We are always looking to maintain photos and videos for promotional events, banners, videos, power points, etc.