Pre-Arrival Orientation

  • TSA clearance
    1. This is a requirement for commencement of both ground and flight training.
    2. Assistance will be given to do your initial TSA clearance. Following ones should be done by the student


  • What can affect the Guarantee?
    1. 100% attendance is a must – if the student is not well, he should be present at the school and inform the administration
    2. Absenteeism
    3. Non compliance with assignments from instructors
    4. Unruly / rude behavior


  • Please make sure :
    1. Student sign up their names on the attendance sheet every day, this is mandatory.


  • What can affect my admission at school?
    1. Unlawful behavior – inside and outside the school
    2. Undue absenteeism
    3. Staff or other students abuse – inside the school
    4. Drug or alcohol abuse


  • What can affect Flight training course duration?
    1. Weather
    2. Mechanical Failure
    3. Failure to comply with assignments
    4. Irregular attendance


  • What can be done when weather is bad?
    1. Get all the ground school out of the way and get the written exams done
    2. The ground school can be independent of the flight training


  • Keeping school clean
    1. Clean after your self
    2. Keep toilets clean and dry
    3. Do Not Throw trash on the floor inside or outside school. This is  offensive to everyone around you


  • General Advice:
    1. Don’t hang out in groups outside
    2. Don’t lean on other people’s cars
    3. Please leave the school once flight / ground school is complete
    4. Avoid taking photographs in the vicinity of the Airport.
    5. Keep noise levels low
    6. Don’t use others’ property without permission


  • Use of deodorant
    1. Both classroom and cockpit environment requires instructor-student interaction at close quarters. It will be offensive if either of them have body odour.
    2. If a student has offensive body odour and is not using a deodorant, they will be politely but firmly asked to excuse themselves from the flight or ground school by the instructor.


  • Approaching the Administrative Office for assistance
    1. At least a weeks’ notice for any letter / form to be processed
    2. If instructors present Check ride papers, please do not follow it up with the administration as this will delay them processing your check ride.
    3. School will inform the check ride dates



  • Students should report to the school within 5 days of the landing in the U.S


  • The school will arrange :
    1. Bank a/c
    2. First class medical
    3. Accommodation
    4. Finger print for TSA clearance


  • Practical flying can be done only after the assignments are completed by the students


  • School uniform is mandatory for ground classes and flight training


  • Fully furnished houses are available for rent
    1. Will have micro wave (on request)
    2. Electric cooker
    3. Sofa set
    4. Bed
    5. Cot


  •  The student are recommended to bring the following with them at the time of accommodation
    1. Pillow cover / sheets
    2. Utensils


  • Winter sweater is available for purchase from the school


  • Please feel free to use the word “PLEASE” and “THANK YOU” appropriately when requesting someone anything.


  • Passport should be kept with the student and should not be given to any other person inside or outside the school


  • ID should be kept with the student all the time


  • Should not carry liquids, gels, tooth paste and sharp items in cabin baggage during air travel


  • If the student is going out for lunch with other students, each student is expected to pay their own bills.


  • Airport pick up times are scheduled during working hours, between 0900 hrs and 1800hrs, Monday thru Friday. National holidays excluded.


  • Student can convert their Indian driving license to International driving license.


  • Black Shoes & Black Socks are a must on all times during ground classes and flight training.