Pre-departure & Arrival Check List

Please find below a list of producers that need to be completed prior to your arrival in the US.

1. TSA: Please click here to start your TSA procedures by following the directions on our webpage.

2. TRAVEL INSURANCE: Travel insurance is mandatory, please get one prior to arrival.

3. CLASS I MEDICAL: We highly recommend you get a class I medical in your own country prior to arriving in the US.


A. Fill out an application form for your apartment

B. Send a copy of your bank loan approval or bank balance information as proof of available funds to the apartment manager through email

C.  Put your full name and Avel Flight School’s student in the subject of the email to the manager

D. This apartment application fee will be paid by you upon arrival

E. Upon application approval, you will receive the apartment lease agreement through email (please check both inbox and spam folder for this email)

F. Please complete and sign this apartment application online and email it back to the apartment manager

G. Email a copy of this apartment lease agreement to with your full name and apartment lease agreement in the subject of the email

IMPORTANT: If this procedure is not completed prior to your arrival, your apartment will not be ready in a timely manner for you.



A. On completion of your apartment lease agreement, you will receive an email from the furniture leasing company with the furniture lease agreement attached.

B. Please initial and sign this furniture lease agreement.

C. Please provide credit card information for payment.

IMPORTANT: If this procedure is not completed prior to your arrival, your furniture will not be ready in a timely manner for you.


6. CASH FOR INITIAL EXPENDITURE: Please bring with you:

A. Cash in American Dollars and traveller’s check which can be immediately used for expenditure upon arrival.

B. Expenditure upon arrival include:

1. Apartment deposit (one month’s rent)

2. First month’s apartment rent

3. Utility deposits and set up fees

4. Renters Insurance

5. TSA fingerprinting



A. Sweater or jacket

B. Causal and formal clothes

C. We also recommend you bring a formal suit for school organized events

D. Black Trousers, Black Socks, Black Shoes and Black Belt required for uniform


8. LAPTOP: Laptop is a requirement for ground school. Please make sure you have a laptop at the time of course commencement. If you do not already own a laptop, they are competitively priced in the US and you can plan on buying one on arrival. For laptop specification, please click here.


9. DOCUMENTS TO BRING ON THE AIRPLANE: The following are documents you will need to bring in your cabin bag for the purpose of immigration and customs at the port of entry in US. Do not place these documents in your check-in baggage.

A. Passport

B. Letter of Admission

C. I-20

D. I-901 Receipt

E. Bank Loan approval information

F. Proof of any additional funds



A. Opening a bank account

B. Completing apartment formalities

C. The apartment manager will take the following payments from you prior to giving you the apartment keys:

1. Application Fee

2. One time administration Fee

3. Key Fob Deposit

4. Apartment deposit

5. First month’s rent

Estimated total cost $2500.00

D. Other utilities to be set up:

1. Renters Insurance

2. Electricity

3. Gas

E. Class I medical

F. TSA Finger printing


If apartment and furniture agreement procedures are not completed prior to arrival or your arrival time in the US is past working hours, you may need to stay in a hotel until these formalities are completed to take possession of your apartment.

If TSA procedures are not completed prior to arrival, your TSA finger printing clearance may be delayed which may delay your flight training commencement.

Upon arrival we will orient you to the local area, the grocery stores, etc.

We look forward to making your flight training and stay with Avel Flight School a memorable one.