Avel Flight School is a SEVIS approved flight school. This school is authorized under federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students, i.e. International students who are neither a permanent resident nor a citizen of the United States of America.

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What is SEVIS and what does it mean to you?

As of January 30, 2003, all sponsoring organizations (such as flight schools and universities) are required to register students on the Student Exchange Visitors Information System (SEVIS). Please find below information that will help you understand SEVIS and your responsibilities.

What is SEVIS?

SEVIS is an internet-based database that allows flight schools and other sponsoring organizations to transmit data regarding students to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). SEVIS is required for approved flight schools such as ours to issue the document I-20 for students to get an M-1 visa.

What is the SEVIS process?

Avel Flight School issues the incoming student a I-20 form by putting all of the student’s information into the SEVIS system and printing out a form with a unique barcode on it.

The student goes to the U.S. embassy or consulate located within their country, and the consular officer confirms through SEVIS that the student’s I-20 is a valid document. The consulate can then issue the student an M-1 visa.

What data does SEVIS collect?

There are several ‘reportable events’ that Avel Flight School must enter into the SEVIS database. These include changes in a student’s personal information, such as address or legal name, a change in academic information, and change in employment information.

The following is a list of reportable events. If these “events” are not reported, a student is out of status:

Academic admission

Personal information (full name, birth date and place, country of citizenship) changes

Financial information

Academic program information (university, degree, and major) and updates

Transferring to another school

U.S. address and changes to this

Dropping below full course load

Resumption of full course load

Disciplinary action

Academic training

Student employment

Premature termination of studies

Extension of program participation

Completion of study program

Dependent information


What does “failure to maintain status” mean?

This means that a student is deviating from the prearranged plan of study. Some examples of failure to maintain status are:

Dropping from full-time to part-time enrollment without prior approval from the school.

Attending a school other than the authorized one

Unauthorized employment

Failure to apply in a timely manner for a transfer, an extension or a change in level of study

Failure to report a change in address

Failure to enroll at your flight school within 30 days of your entry into the U.S.

What happens if you are out of status?

Students who fail to maintain status will lose their student visas and may be deported. Consequences may also include denial of re-entry to the U.S., denial of requests for academic training, and possible denial of all future visa applications.

Can a student regain legal status?

Students can apply to ICE for reinstatement if the violation of status was result of circumstances outside their control. Reinstatement is intended to be a rare benefit for exceptional cases, so should not be counted on as an easy way out of trouble after making mistakes. If the ICE denies the reinstatement, the student may not appeal the decision. Additionally the student cannot apply for reinstatement after being out of status longer than five months.

How do I report changes in my U.S. address?

United States immigration regulations require “non-citizens” of the U.S. who are in the country for over 30 days to register any change of address with the INS within 10 days of the change of address.  Failure to report changes in address result in your becoming “out of status” and subject to deportation from the U.S. You MUST register your changes of address.

To report a change in your address, please contact the Principal Designated School Official of Avel Flight School.

What requirements does Avel Flight School have?

SEVIS is required to audit Avel Flight School’s compliance with these requirements regularly. 

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