Appendix B – Designated Practice Area

Instructions to Exit and Enter Schaumburg Regional Airport to and from the designated practice area:

Exiting airport to practice Area:

  • Fly Rwy heading to 1400 MSL before X-Wind turn and then climb to TPA 1600 MSL until Bartlett VRP. Class Bravo begins at 1900 MSL over the airport.
  • On reaching Bartlett VRP west of airport, climb to 2500 MSL. . Class Bravo begins at 3000 MSL in this area.
  • On crossing Fox River, climb and maintain 3000 MSL in and around the practice area. Class Bravo begins at 4000 MSL over a portion of the practice area.
  • Students and Instructors should use caution not to penetrate class B airspace without clearance from ATC.
  • Students cannot enter Class B airspace


Returning to airport from practice area:

  • Descend to 2500 MSL upon crossing Fox River.
  • Descend to TPA 1600 MSL on reaching Bartlett VRP west of airport once airport is in sight.


*The practice area encompasses the highlighted diagram. This provides space over sparsely populated area for the purpose of flight training practice and has a Maximum Elevation Figure not exceeding 1500 MSL.

*Broad cast position and intention on appropriate communication frequency of airports in your vicinity of practice.

*Pay attention to glider activity over Sky Soaring over the northern part of the practice area.

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