Local PPL Students

First, make sure that the student has sent us all of the required documents in 1 email. This includes:

  • Completed Application Form with Photo
  • Photograph of Current Passport / Driver’s License with Birth Cert.
  • Proof of Address
    • produce proof of address in the form of either a utility bill, driver’s license, housing lease with their name, etc.
  • Wire Transfer Receipt

Please refer to the PPL Enrollment Packet Folder located in the google drive, specifically the Admission Master Checklist will tell you what paperwork is required for each student.

Send a confirmation email to the student that we are in receipt of their documents and will issue a receipt once payment has been received into our account.

Now we wait for their first payment to come. It is also good to remind Prashanth about any upcoming payments you are expecting after the student has submitted their paperwork.

Once payment has been sent to us by Prashanth, we must enter their information onto a spread sheet on the google drive that is labeled “Master Student Payment”. Navigate to the tab labeled “course fee payments”. These tabs are located at the bottom of the page.

Scroll to the very bottom of the excel sheet to find a blank space and enter the student’s information here.

  1. Student Name
  2. Student Email Address
  3. L / I (this means local or international)
  4. Course they are enrolling on
  5. Total Course Fee Payment (this is the basic breakdown of the course costs and includes how many installments they are paying in, and how much the installments are.)
  6. Agent (If the student is using an agent, put their name here. If they are not using an agent, type NA)
  7. Course Fee Payment Details
    1. Enrollment Fee (Using the payment details sent to you by Prashanth, enter the details of their enrolment fee here along with the date the payment was made as outlined on the payment details email, and the method of payment)
    1. Misc (any misc payments like having to pay extra for issuing a new I-20, additional flight hours, etc.)
    1. 1st  and 2nd Installment (enter the amount of their 1st and 2nd installment here. If it has not been paid, highlight the text in red. If it has been paid, the text will be black.) 
    1. Notes (extra notes that you feel necessary to help you remember. I tend to put paid in full, if they have paid in full, expected start dates, etc.)

Send a receipt via email to the student. Navigate to the “Current Courses to Send” section of our email. Here you will find a template email called “Payment Receipt For”. Use this template to send any and all receipts for any and all payments. The only thing you will need to edit is:

  • The subject should be as “Payment Receipt for (Student Name)”
  • Change the payment amount to match what is on the payment details email
  • Change what the payment is for. In this case, it should say ADX Enrollment Fee
  • Date should match the date on the payment details email and not the date you are writing the email.

Once the student has successfully enrolled, they must be assigned an instructor by management and scheduled to come in and finish up any required documents, receive their school ID, and sign their TSA paperwork.

 A student that is a US citizen must present their passport to their instructor and receive an endorsement that states this has been done. This is a TSA requirement.

Next, the student receives their PPL kit, jiffy hood, and fuel tester. Additionally, they are entered into schedule pointe.

Upon graduation of the course, the student must be scheduled for a final exam with a DPE Designated Pilot Examiner.