PSI Processes

We proctor all exams for the FAA Federal Aviation Administration at our facility (facility code: ABS60104).

PSI Matrix:

Please always refer to the FAA matrix for any questions you may have, a copy of which should be kept in the PSI Filing Cabinet Notebook and your favorites tab:

This matrix is updated regularly by PSI. When a new matrix is issued, please replace the outdated matrix with the new one in the PSI notebook. This is crucial, especially because it is a PSI requirement for their annual audits.

Audit Preparation:

Each year, PSI conducts an audit of our facilities and tests. Typically, a list is sent well ahead of time to help us prepare, in addition to choosing a time that best suits our schedule.

We must make sure that everything on the list meets their requirements. Additionally, it is important to conduct the exams with as much accuracy as possible, remember to double check your work. 

If there are ever any mistakes, action must be taken by the TCS Testing Center Supervisor to make sure that these errors are pointed out and resolved to the best of our ability. Frequent mistakes can result in closure of our testing center.

Staff Training:

To become a proctor, one must undergo approval and proctor training.

To register a new proctor, the TCS must log into PSI using the proctor console -> proctor drop down menu -> my document library -> new proctor registration, and follow the step-by-step directions given.

It also explains how the new proctor will receive their training. Upon completion of initial training, print the certificate and place it on the back wall of each of the testing rooms.  (Frames are located in storage).

Proctors must undergo recurrent training every 6 months. Your proctor console will alert you of when your training is needed. The TCS can see which proctors have been trained or are pending training.

The new proctor will first shadow the TCS until they are familiar with the proctoring process, after which, they will undergo strict supervision by the TCS as they proctor their own exams. After some time, the proctor should be able to perform successfully with limited supervision.


We have 3 separate testing computers for proctoring exams. The computers must be updated regularly and kept in perfect working condition. This includes keeping the computers under the protection of antivirus programs such as Norton.

Scheduling and Proctoring an Exam:

Remember to refer to the matrix or my document library for information on proctoring exams, scheduling, etc. If at any time, you need additional help or are having technical issues, feel free to contact technical support 888-832-4228, or procedural testing 888-317-7749.

Scheduling is set up through the Administration drop down menu -> maintenance -> time block -> add time block – >Single (for a single entry) or bulk (for bulk entries).

Schedules are made weekly depending on your work schedule. (I typically provide 2 exam slots a day, one at 8:30 am to 1:00 pm and the other from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm, each with 1 seat, M-F.)

1. Log into the proctor console and check the schedule

2. Prepare the testing station for the applicant:

                       a. log into the computer using the pin code: 6021

b. have the appropriate supplies ready including supplement book (located in the PSI filing cabinet), scratch paper, clear overlay, 2 pencils, 1 dry erase marker, 1 dry eraser.

c. bring up the testing software by double clicking on the desktop link and entering the password: panproctor (this information should never be shared with any students/applicants)

d. when the applicant arrives, invite them to your station to scan in their documents. Follow the guidelines in the matrix to know what to scan and upload.

e. make sure to ask the applicant if they need to use the restroom, in addition to making sure that they do not have any personal items on their person (this includes smartwatches).

f. escort the applicant to the testing station and guide them through the introduction.

g. watch the applicant on the security feed (night owl security)

h. once the applicant is finished testing, collect the testing materials and close out of the testing software using the proctor password from c.

i. bring up the proctor console, print the AKTR, submit the information for the applicant, making sure to double check your work.

Remember to check the book afterwards for any markings. If you find any markings, please erase them.

I typically like to congratulate the applicant if they have passed the exam. Remember to be nice and courteous as they always take a survey on their experience with our testing center at the end of their exam.