Registering Students with PSI

Each of our students must complete their online course exam with PSI at our facility. These exams that we typically administer for our students are listed below along with their exam code.

  • Private Pilot – PAR
  • Instrument Pilot – IRA
  • Commercial Pilot – CAX
  • Aircraft Dispatcher – ADX
  • Certified Flight Instructor – CFI, FOI, AGI
  • Instrument Instructor – CFII, IGI
  • Multi-engine Instructor – MEI

Please refer to the FAA Matrix for the FAA requirements for each exam (detailed information is located in PSI processes).

Every student must demonstrate three consecutive 90’s on their Gleim practice exams in order to take their exam, this is a school policy. Once they have emailed a screenshot of this to the school, a reply is sent to the student requesting which day they have in mind to take their exam.

Once you have this date, you will need to open up a seat for them in PSI. Keep in mind to tell the student that seats are first come, first serve.

Now that you have opened up a seat, you can send the student details on how to register. (refer to emails titled “PSI Registration:”. This email informs the student of the link that they need to follow to register with PSI and IACRA.

IACRA must be done first because IACRA issues an FTN (FAA Tracking Number) that the FAA uses to keep track of student information and certificates. This number is needed to register an exam with PSI.

Once the student has been registered, they may be eligible for a refund of their exam costs if they already prepaid for the FAA written exam. Please refer to the course details that they enrolled on for this information. If so, have the student email you a copy of their exam receipt and process it with next month’s pay.

Passing the Written Exam:

If a student passes their written exam, they must keep their AKTR Airmen Knowledge Training report (the form that they receive upon completion of the exam) for their Checkride.

If the student passes with a score of 90% or above, they will receive a certificate of distinction from the school and take their photo with the school manager, to be posted on social media.

Failing the Written Exam:

Occasionally, a student may fail a written exam. Please make yourself aware of the time limitations and requirements for failing an exam or retesting on the FAA Matrix.

A student who fails an exam requires additional ground school with their instructor, and the failed AKTR must be endorsed by their instructor afterwards, designating them prepared for their retest. This is the form located below the dotted line on the AKTR and will serve as the student’s authorization to retest.

This can take some time for the student to prepare, so it is important to keep track of when the student failed and give them a deadline for which to pass their retest.

Once a student completes their exam, regardless of their score, we take a copy for our records and enter this information on the 141 & 61 School Enrollment Report excel sheet under the designated tab.