SEVIS – Student & Exchange Visitor Program is a web-based system for maintaining information on international nonimmigrant students and exchange visitors in the United States.

We use their online system to maintain our international students.

In Firefox (google chrome does not support flash player), follow this link for a detailed video tutorial on how to add new students.

Additionally, step-by-step information can be found in the web browser link here:

Study in the States website is the go-to to find any information regarding PDSO, DSO, Student Information, etc. If you need additional information, reach out to the SEVIS help desk, or our POC in the SEVIS email, Kelly P.

Here is our flow chart for what to do when a student enrolls:

  1. Student Pays our Enrollment Fees
  2. An I-20 and Letter of Admission draft is creating in SEVIS using the student’s passport and application form
  3. The I-20 is saved as a draft and emailed to the student for verification that everything is correct. This email also includes information on how they should pay their I-901 fees once they receive their visa
  4. Once the student responds, make any corrects if applicable. If everything is correct, submit the I-20 into the system and save a record in the student’s google drive folder
  5. A final copy of the I-20 and Letter of Admission is then emailed to the student in their DHL tracking details
  6. Print 2 paper copies and sign each
  7. Send the student’s hard copies via DHL
  8. The student uses their I-20 to book their visa appointment and should inform us of when they receive their visa
  9. Once the student arrives in the US and reports to the school, they must be registered in the system
  10. This is done by logging into SEVIS -> Student List -> Initial Status Students -> Click on the Student’s Name -> Click the Registration Button on the Student Information Page
  11. Enter the Current Session Start and End Date (the start/end date on their I-20)
  12. Check the box for “The student is in the last session of his/her program”, this ultimately grays out the “Next Session Start Date” box that isn’t needed
  13. Enter the student’s USA address. Remember to list apartment number if applicable
  14. Submit and save the updated I-20 to the student’s google folder
  15. Print, sign, and give to the student. This new I-20 should have a status of “continued attendance” since they are now registered with the school


  • If a student does not report to school after being informed and are not reachable, terminate their I-20 immediately and report them to ICE (Agent Eva Smith is our POC).
  • If a student is not registered by the DSO/PDSO upon arrival to the school, the student is auto-terminated in the system after 90 days. Afterwards, the student would have to have corrective action taken against their terminated I-20 which is not always an option, so best to register the student immediately
  • Make sure to check the student’s I-94 and print a copy for our records. The I-94 shows their port of entry and what visa they entered on.
  • A student must pay their tuition fees before entering the US. If this is not done, their I-20 should be terminated immediately.
  • A student who is not able to complete their program in the time on their I-20, they can either
    • 1.) extend their I-20 (use our email template under “follow up email after student arrives in the US”)
    • 2.) leave the country and return on a new I-20 (this requires repaying the school I-20 fees and SEVIS I-901 fees)
  • Keep in mind that there is a time limit for a student to extend their I-20, no more than 60 days before their I-20 expires, and no later than 15 days before their I-20 expires.
  • A student is not permitted to leave the country with a pending extension. If they wish to leave the country, they must have their extension terminated and come in on a new I-20.
  • If a student extends their I-20, they must give you any mail they receive, including receipts so that you can request an update on their extension status so that the student is not auto-completed in the system.
  • It can take a few months for a student to receive anything in the mail
  • It can take up to a year or more for a student to receive a decision on their extension. The student must maintain their status during this time.