VA Enrollment
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Our school is VA (Veteran’s Affairs) approved, meaning that we have certain courses approved by the US government, where a veteran may be eligible to receive benefits that can help pay for the course.

Application for benefits
A student must first approach our school with their application for benefits. They can apply for it online or by calling 1-888-442-4551 for a mail in application.

All VA Students must file an application when they first start school before they can receive benefits.

Once a student has submitted their application, follow the online link above to the section labeled “The Certification Process”.

For additional help, consult the SCO school certifying official handbook.

  1. Student presents their application of benefits

  2. School submits enrollment certification in VA-ONCE

  3. Training type is NCD Non-College Degree

  4. Select the approved program in VA-ONCE

  5. School must maintain progress records

  6. School is required to report graduation completion information to the VA as a Notice of Change in Student Status

Old method:

Obtain the students social security number and call 855-225-1159 / 888-442-4551 (or call dan to get benefits) (Post 9/11 & chapter 30)

School Certifying Number: 855-225-1159

General Fax: 314-253-4131

ELR 314-552-9508 / 314-552-9326 /
Ryan Wilson 314-253-4100 X: 1031 / Cathy Michelle  X: 1028
Flight Training Facility code: 2-5-0747-13

ADX Training Facility code: 2-5-0781-13

Servicing Regional Processing Office (RPO): St. Louis, MO

Education Liaison Representative (ELR): Bruce Gardner

ELR Location: St. Louis Regional Processing Office


Fax: (314) 552-9741

Dan Wellman- Administrator

IDVA-Veterans Education and Training Section

  •  Spring, Springfield, Illinois 62794

Phone: 217-782-7838 Fax 217-524-8394

VA benefits go from August 1st to July 31st

Steps to apply for VA with our school

Student needs to fill out one:

  1. form 22-1990 for original application form
    1. form 22-1995 for request to change their program/school

We need to send a fax to dan with the students first and last name and SS # asking Dan to email us their benefits.

I need to fill out: (fax to Dan)

  1. fill out only once we have gotten the benefits back from Dan student is ready to start their training because we need to give a start date.

Form 1999 B for Flight Training

Form 1999 A for ADX
Reimbursement for FAA exams using the following link:

Fill this out at the end of each month with what student has flown (fax to Dan)

Form 22-6553 for payment * HAS TO HAVE AT LEAST 2nd CLASS MEDICAL